Angelito Ang Batang Ama| ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold

2nd week of November was indeed busy yet fun! i styled for Ms. Charee Pineda on ASAP, KRIS TV, HYY, E-LIVE, Angelito-PressCon, PBB UNLI-NIGHT, USTv and Trade Launch (but unfortunately i didn’t get the chance to take some photos #tradelaunch). Finally! I’d be able to upload some good shots that i have here on my laptop! Sorry if it took me forever to update my blog guys! :) 

It was an honor to finally meet Ms. Snooky Serna in person. She’s sooo kind and witty!

while we were walking on the way to Studio 10, she told me that she likes Charee’s candy-color outfit. :) The prod requested the stylists to use pastel colors to make them look teenager-ish.


Jess-Laughing at her “waley” joke! Haha! peace jess! you still look pretty here!

Wearing neon orange polkadot-halter dress from Underourished Manila. Special thanks to Maryrose and her assistant Grace. :)

tadadadan! bumped into ate Dimps @ the dressing room. taping din ng OLAY! on KRISTV :)

Charee and JM @ the presscon! Thanks PEP for the photos.

After HYY. Congratulations MATT!

Wearing Ll’Akari Top and Undernourished High waist shorts

Charee Pineda plays the role of “Rosalie” the super nerdy girl that will eventually fall in love with Angelito.

Thanks ate Chek Litton for the Photo! :)

MARLANN FLORES.* catch up merienda date*

Thanks for dropping by!

i congratulated her for the success of NO Other Woman. Yes! she’s part of the movie. (she played the role of Cristine’s sister. forgot the name though). And she’s part of an up coming movie again! Sarah and Gerald’s :) plus precious hearts romance! i told you!! leave it all to God, he’s goin to provide your needs. Just trust him :) Love u baby girl.